Hello. Welcome to cloth & kind! I began this blog as a way to channel my creative energy and my insanely irrational adoration of all things textile. I am a self-diagnosed textile addict, you see, and for many years I have thought long and hard on what to do about this addiction. It's just not practical to redecorate every time I fall in love with a new fabric. Nor is it socially acceptable to discuss, ad nauseam, the intricacies of a centuries old embroidery technique or so-and-so designer's new line of fabrics at a dinner party. As any addict knows, little fixes here and there are just not enough to satiate. So, here I am. This blog is my selfish little outlet, my journal of pretty, a place to outline all of my textile love in its entirety, no holds barred, and to meet other like minded, crazy textile & interior design lovin' people who just might be willing to share on this topic with me.

Since we're getting to know one another, here's a few other random things about me... I have the most amazingly sweet and kind children (Alex & Tahlia) and husband (Michael) who make me feel like the happiest and luckiest person alive, I have lived in both India and Brazil, I speak fluent Portuguese, I love traveling abroad but I am also a complete home body, I grew up in Chicago but am originally from Minnesota, I am a new resident of Ann Arbor, MI (and am completely in love with this quirky and vibrant little town), I have two adorable rescue Shiba Inus (Mika & Jasmine) who complete our family, I think Rosebud Salve is quite possibly the best and most versatile beauty product on the market, my husband and I are in the process of rehabbing a lovely old English Cottage built in 1905 (photos to come!), I am super organized - almost to a fault, I am 5'11 thanks to strong my Scandinavian roots, while I do love all things textile related, I have a special affection for vintage & antique textiles from far flung places around the world, I think it's incredibly important to understand and respect the history and traditions surrounding old textiles, I have a soft spot for fabric companies who are using old techniques in new ways and who are environmentally responsible, I love mixing inexpensive pieces with antiques with high end designer items (both in fashion and interior design), I am most definitely a glass is half full kind of a person.

And so because you are here, perhaps you share this textile addiction with me? I'd love to hear from you, especially if you share this obsession with me. I have to say that as far as cravings go, a passion for lovely texture, fibers, color and patterns is one that is pretty damn healthy, considering the alternatives. So let's indulge, shall we?

Thank you for visiting! 

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