i'm a planner

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm a planner at heart.

 Now that I've taken BlogShop and have the power of Photoshop at my fingertips {quite literally} it's opened a whole new world for me. So please pardon my absence on the blog  while I plan and design the days away for the next few weeks. When I'm back, cloth & kind will be all the better for it, I promise. {hint, hint...I'm working on my first ever schedule for daily columns plus a new design aesthetic}.

In the meantime, I'll still be very active on Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter
See you soon!


inspired {nautical}

This is the first post that I designed in Photoshop (self pat on back!) I took BlogShop this past weekend in Austin and literally can not recommend it highly enough! Bri {of Design Love Fest} and Angela {of Angela + Ithyle} are amazing teachers, and pretty much just all around fantastic people. I learned so much and have a newfound sense of inspiration for my blog because now I know how to actually make things look as pretty as I envision them in my head.

Anyway, we're planning a trip to Florida for next month so I've had beach on the brain, big time. I've always been inspired by watery blues and beachy imagery in interior design, but in low doses please. Just choose one or two things to avoid the "themed" look to your interior space. Here's a few suggestions that would look as amazing in a beach house as they would in an urban living room.

There's a bunch more nautical design goodies, including fabrics, rugs and wallpapers, in my new inspired {nautical} folder on Pinterest - check it out!


blogshop fun

Look what I'm learning to do in Photoshop at BlogShop! Such fun. 

{Top Left: Aquarius in Saphire by Eskayel, Top Middle: Edo Linen in Teal by Kelly Wearstler for Lee JofaBottom: watery blue paper texture provided by BlogShop}

More design goodness to come.


the textile files {blues & greens}

Here's a peek at a palette of soft blue & green fabrics {with hints of gold} that I'm working on for one of my clients. 

I'll share photos of the room with you once it's been installed. In the meantime to get your own fill of textile based inspiration, check out all of my favorite fabric selections on Pinterest in The Textile Files.  The files are sorted by color which makes browsing easy.

Which color palette do you love best? Mine changes by the day/my mood. So many amazing fabrics in an endless array of colors & possibilities to choose from!


inspired {metallics}

Happy 2012 to everyone! How was your New Years Eve? Tell me all about your fun filled night, whether it was a mellow evening at home with family and friends, like mine, or a rowdy night out on the town. What was the highlight of your last night in 2011?

I must still have all of the glitter and glamour of NYE on my mind because I can't stop thinking about the lovely metallics I've been seeing everywhere.

Clockwise: Plated Tumblers {source unknown}, Chambord French Press from Bodum, Rondo Gold Cutlery from Cutipol {via Horne}, Gilded Porcelain Bowl from Wendy Haworth {via One Kings Lane}.

 Speaking of metallics in the kitchen, it's so refreshing to see brass and gold starting to appear in well-appointed kitchens again. At last, a break from the monotony of all stainless steel and chrome. I personally love the look of mixed metals. Much more lived in looking... Not too perfect. 

What do you think? Would you ever put brass or gold accents in your kitchen?

If you have not yet gotten your fill of metallics, visit my new folder on Pinterest called inspired {metallics} to find all of these images plus a whole lot more metallic goodness.

Have a great Monday!
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