Gorgeous Nympheus

Gorgeous, gorgeous Nympheus is one of Lee Jofa's most iconic prints. Recently, it was reimagined by Thomas O'Brien as part of their Heritage Collection which had 6 designers reinterpret a classic Lee Jofa fabric in their own style. O’Brien features the reverse side of the fabric, where the image is softer and more muted. Gorgeous.

The Nympheus handblock dates back to 1915. The inspiration for the design came from the silk panels of a 15th century Ming Dynasty screen, which had been painted with inks and mineral pigments. Somehow knowing the history behind it makes this textile even more gorgeous for me. Does it for you too?

I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of the Heritage Collection and meeting Thomas O'Brien while in NY for BlogFest2011. I was instantly drawn to both him and to this fabric, and still am. Gorgeous.

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