{me} longings Autumn Pillow Collection

It makes me really happy when I meet someone who shares a similar design philosophy. It's even better when there's that "click"...You know how it is when you meet someone who is just a kindred spirit, right? That's how I feel about Chanee from {me} longings. We first met at BlogFest2011 in NY and became fast friends - realizing that we shared many, many things in common. I just love this girl. She's the real deal.

Which is why I'm not surprised by how incredible her new autumn pillow collection is. Take a look for yourself.
Chanee's mantra is simple. Her designs have to be healthy, sustainable, durable, high quality, and really pretty. She was motivated to create her line by the simple fact that she wanted to decorate her own home with fabrics that fit these criteria and couldn't find them. So she taught herself how to screen print and already knew how to sew from her mom, Phyllis Ann (one of the pillows in this line is named after her). Chanee literally does it all from designing, to hand carving the blocks, to screen printing right in her own laundry room.
"I have a slow design process but each piece is one of a kind and created with regard for our health and the environment." - Chanee Vijay
There are six textile design styles available - Phyllis Ann, Bertha, Zizi, Dottie, Mimi and Aya. All so lovely and elegant in their own right. Even West Elm agrees - they just asked Chanee to be a part of their Holiday Pop-Up Store with Etsy!
I think the color palette is irresistible. When Chanee and I were talking yesterday we were both gushing over our love of metallics and wondering if we'll ever tire of them. I can't imagine! But just in case you have some other color scheme in mind, Chanee is happy to work with you to create your own custom colors. She hand mixes all of her colors to get them just so, using Permaset Aqua water based screen printing ink which is about as eco-friendly as you can possibly get. 
Chanee just launched her new {me} longings studio page where you can read all about her design process, buy these lovely new pillows and find out what she's working on now. {Hint hint... her upcoming Winter collection is inspired by her time in India. She'll be introducing some new colors - deep teal, metallic copper and, of course, more silver and gold.} Sounds divine.

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