Quilt, Kuba & Other Weekend Fun

The Ann Arbor Antique Market produced a couple of unexpected and very lovely textile finds on Sunday morning.... some beautiful vintage Kuba cloth and the most adorable patchwork quilt ever. They will be joining the cloth & kind stash that will eventually be for sale in my Etsy store, but if you're interested now please let me know.

Oh, and I also found a few key pieces for our renovation project. Check out this industrial work bench - soon to be my guest bathroom vanity. Picture an antique white farmhouse sink perched on top with the coolest aged brass wall-mounted faucet fixture and you'll get the gist of where I'm headed with this bathroom. 
Michael and I also took the kids to pick out crown molding and baseboards for our renovation project. I loved the workshop at Armstrong Millworks, but have to say that the farm that it sits on is just about the most charming thing I've seen. Michael and the kids ran around outside chasing grasshoppers and looking at the corn growing in the fields, which left me free to browse happily amongst walls full of wood molding options. 
All in all, a fantastic weekend. How was yours?


Poor, Neglected cloth & kind

I feel like a really bad friend who has been terribly out of touch, dear cloth & kind. I'm so sorry, it's just that we moved to Ann Arbor and started this renovation project which has me busy every waking moment....and has me awake when I should be sleeping....and I started a new job (as if I didn't have enough on my plate) and now here I am having gone almost a month without writing. 

Please don't hold it against me. I'll be back soon with some good old textile love, I promise.
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