Peony Garden

Tahlia and I have been having a chill girls weekend while Michael and Alex are visiting his parents for the weekend. Kind of last minute, I decided that the perfect girly post afternoon nap activity would be to check out the Peony Garden at the Nichols Arboretum. I keep hearing such amazing things and yes, I do adore peonies but I was not prepared for such incredible beauty...

It turns out that this arboretum is home to one of the largest collections of peonies in North America, and has over 230 different types of peony blooms. It was honestly so spectacular.
Tahlia thought so too!

She loved running about all of the flowers. She kept giggling and saying "smell it" then she would mischievously try to eat bloom after bloom. You know that stage where they put everything in their mouths, right?! I feel like this was one of those afternoons that I'll remember so fondly when she's all grown up. I'm glad we took the time to stop and smell the...peonies.


  1. Oh my gosh how cute is she?!?! And what a luxury to be surrounded by so many peonies!! Love the pics!

  2. Mae - thanks, she's a sweetheart!

  3. Those photos are gorgeous, as is your little girl!! Cute as a button! Peonies are my favorite so I pretty much want to walk into those photos and spend the rest of the day surrounded.

    I'm so glad you loved Nichols, I went to school at UofM and we used to spend hours there, it is one of my favorite places and some of my fondest memories of Ann Arbor.

  4. Hip Hip Gin Gin - You are so kind! Thank you! It's so nice to meet another U of M grad - I bet this would have been an incredible place to go to school. I'm falling more in love with AA by the day and see why everyone raves about this place.


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