The one thing I was secretly hoping we'd find during the demolition phase of our construction project was the original blueprints. I would have had those framed in a second and found a place of honor to display them once our renovation is complete. But, alas, nothing quite so exciting was found behind the walls of our new/old home.

I may consider framing blow ups of our renovation plans though. Is it just me and my own personal excitement for this project, or is there something artistically beautiful about the architect's drawings?


  1. i do believe i see a spot for that glorious refrigerator! can't wait to see how the work goes!

  2. Mae - there is indeed a spot for it!! :-) Let's just hope it makes it with respect to my budget. Ha - now that's another story! There's still hope for it.

  3. Somehow or other your blog got dropped from my Reader and I missed this post! What's up with the reno/ new construction??? Tell me more, I am addicted to the smell (I built new homes in 1995, 2000 and 2004...see, addicted I tell ya!) Anyway, I must have the low-down so that I might live vicariously and remain married (I had to sign an oath in blood. No more new homes!)



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