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The way I feel about the time that I spent at Blogfest 2011, an incredible event put together for the design blogging community by Hearst and Kravet, is hard to put into words but can probably best be described as pure inspiration. I came away from the experience invigorated in a way I've rarely felt before. The three days (May 16-18) were packed full of behind the scenes access to the absolute best in class in the world of interior design. I'm still aflutter over meeting and chatting with the likes of Barbara Barry, Thomas O'Brien, Suzanne Kasler, several members of the Kravet family, plus the editors of all my favorite decorating magazines {House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Veranda, Traditional Home...even my digital fave, Lonny}, and many, many more. Perhaps most exhilarating for me was that this entire experience was rooted in textiles. You can just imagine how gaga I was over every last swatch of fabric and fiber that I came across, right?! I will be sharing many posts over the next few days and weeks about the people I met, the companies I fell in love with and the gorgeous products they create but until then, here's a first glimpse of what I experienced.
{Scraps of antique fabrics that serve as design inspiration at Lee Jofa}
{Rolling swatches of linen at Brunschwig Fils}
{An inspiration board at Lee Jofa}
{The lovely Suzanne Kasler's room at the Lee Jofa Heritage Collection event}
{Some pretty white vases tucked away in a prop room at Mayo Studios}
{These vibrant rug swatches at Kravet look like little pieces of candy. Delicious!}
{Nubby wool fibers in Kravet's Carpet Product Development department}
{A bowl full of hand-spun yarn at Kasthall}
{One of many fabric closets at Kravet, overflowing with pretty patterns & textures}
{At ICFF I stumbled upon my new favorite rug designer, Luke Irwin}
{More from a prop room at Mayo Studios... I loved poking around behind closed doors!}
{Quite possibly the loveliest antique french knot fabric ever. Serving as inspiration at Kravet}
{Textiles & tacks at Brunschwig Fils}
{Contemporary quilt-like Morag Macpherson textiles at ICFF}
{Paint swatches & design at Lee Jofa}
{Hand painting textile designs for exact coloration at Lee Jofa}
{Wishing this was my desk}

I hope these gorgeous images help give you a great start to your week! Much more to come.


  1. These are such lovely photos... every single one! Kravet textiles are amazing and, I would love to visit Mayo Studios!

  2. @My Dog-Eared Pages - Thank you, thank you. So glad you loved the photos!

  3. Great images...such inspiration.
    And thanks for stopping by at ICFF!! It was great getting to meet and chat in person!

  4. Bryant - Glad you like the photos! It was so nice to meet you and your sweet husband at ICFF!

  5. Great meeting you Krista. Your love of textiles is infectious! It's so interesting to see everybody's interpretations of Blogfest!

  6. Carrie - I agree, it is so fun and interesting to see everyone's takes on Blogfest played out on their blogs. I adored meeting you too - glad we shared a cab together and got to chat on the way to ICFF! Just followed you on Twitter so we can stay in touch! xoxo

  7. WOW! Kravet should hire you as their official in-house photographer (not kidding!!!)

  8. @The Zhush - I'm honestly so flattered by your compliment!! You made my day! xoxo

  9. Amazing, lush photos! Made me feel like I was there - certainly wish I was!

  10. @Elisekh - I have so many more photos to show you!...

  11. Krista, your photos are amazing!! You have just validated my need for a new camera [and perhaps a photography course too]. What type of camera are you using?

    Fantastic post. I love the "behind the scenes pic", would make great notecards!

    Great meeting you at the Lilly reveal [I was w/ Ellen in the showroom]. :-)

  12. @Storibook Designs - You are so kind! I'm glad you like the photos so much. I use a Canon Rebel T1i and I love it. Of course I remember meeting you with Ellen! What a great event Blogfest was. I'm still processing it all!


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