What Is It About Wallpaper?

I've been thinking about wallpaper a lot lately. Mostly I'm envisioning where I'd like to put it in the house we are about to start renovating, and I've also been adding a bunch to The Textile Files. But there's this weird thing that happens to me whenever I seriously consider putting up paper ... I freeze. I'm not sure if it's the overabundance of choices, or the thought of committing to something so distinct.  Does anyone else out there become paralyzed when it comes to actually choosing a paper to live with? What is it about wallpaper that does this to us?

I was just talking about this phenomenon with a dear friend of mine who recently moved into a new house. We were both adamant about the specific papers we were going to use in our respective homes and about a week later when I talked to her again, we were both second guessing it - not able to choose which designs were special enough to live on our walls for the next few years. 

For me, there are some exceptions to this wallpaper paralyzation. Grasscloth is one. It's so neutral, timeless and textural that you really can't go wrong. I have no doubt it will end up in my new foyer, run up the stairwell and cover upstairs hallway.

I've long admired this feisty Fireworks paper and hope I am able to muster up the courage to commit to using it somewhere in our new home. Maybe a powder room? 
If I can't bring myself to commit to red, surely I could pull it off in the more subtle black like in this image I found in LonnyMag....

{Fireworks by Albert Hadley, available through Hinson & Company}

I'm also completely obsessed with Neisha Crosland's wallpapers. Have you seen them? I've long admired her textiles, but just recently realized that she also has a stunning line of papers. I should have guessed. Her designs are so graphic that they have the most beautiful way of translating onto a flat wall and bringing it to life. Here's a few of my favorites from her line...
{Anemone in Duck Egg}
{Caterpillar Leaf in Ochre Linen}
{Zebra in Stone White}
{Lantern in Cream}

I'll definitely keep you all posted on what I end up using on my walls in our new house. I have 8 months or more to muster up the courage to commit. In the meantime, if you have a room of wallpaper that you adore please share. Or, if you are looking for a dose of inspiration - and perhaps trying to muster up some of your own wallpaper courage - visit The Textile Files' Wallpaper collection for some more lovely options. I also just recently added a Kid's Wallpaper collection for some really cute options for the little ones' rooms.

Have a great weekend!

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