Kate Tremel Clay

We've moved to Ann Arbor... hooray! It's taken us about a week, but about we're now about 95% unpacked and getting settled into our rental home where we'll spend the next year as we renovate our permanent house into the {not so big and as green as possible} home of our dreams. 

As we were searching for a rental house, I stumbled upon a home that I really, really wish we could have spent the next year in. Its lovely owners are going on sabbatical to France but don't leave until the fall and we needed a place at the end of March so unfortunately it didn't work out from a timing perspective. But, something good came out of my conversations with Kate about her home and that is that I discovered her incredible pottery line, Kate Tremel Clay. Take a look.
{pierced bowls} 
Wouldn't these be amazing with votive lights burning inside them? I can imagine the little circles of light cast all over the walls.
{white egg bowls}
{egg with blue raised dots}

I may not get to live in Kate's beautiful rehabbed Victorian but I will definitely be stopping by her studio to pick up some of her pretty pottery pieces.

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