Batavia Citrine

As much as I love our old duvet cover from Williams Sonoma Home, it's quite worn and has begun ripping all over the place every time we pull it up. I have stitched it up several times in hopes of salvaging it, but it became clear to me as it tore again when I was making the bed this morning that it is beyond repair. I am sad to say goodbye to it, because it's been warming up our bed for the last 5 years. There have been lots of good things that have happened under its comfy cover - two beautiful babies were made, lots of snuggles with our kids and dogs, many memorable conversations between Michael and me, not to mention some really good zzzzz's.  As someone who likes to switch things up from a design standpoint quite frequently, it surprised me that I never grew tired of its simple, neutral color palette which was made all the more interesting by its subtle Ikat print. 

But alas, since its first tear about a year ago I've been slowly searching for something to replace it - knowing that eventually this day would come and that I wanted something similar. But all my searches to-date had turned up empty handed. I was beginning to consider having a duvet custom made because then my options would be endless - there's about 5 fabrics here alone that I could envision using! Then... the clouds parted when I found this absolutely perfect Batavia Citrine bedding from DwellStudio
Isn't it gorgeous?! It's similar enough to my old bedding that it will work with the design scheme of my master bedroom, yet it's different enough that I feel like I'm getting something fresh and new. Just what we need this spring!


Kate Tremel Clay

We've moved to Ann Arbor... hooray! It's taken us about a week, but about we're now about 95% unpacked and getting settled into our rental home where we'll spend the next year as we renovate our permanent house into the {not so big and as green as possible} home of our dreams. 

As we were searching for a rental house, I stumbled upon a home that I really, really wish we could have spent the next year in. Its lovely owners are going on sabbatical to France but don't leave until the fall and we needed a place at the end of March so unfortunately it didn't work out from a timing perspective. But, something good came out of my conversations with Kate about her home and that is that I discovered her incredible pottery line, Kate Tremel Clay. Take a look.
{pierced bowls} 
Wouldn't these be amazing with votive lights burning inside them? I can imagine the little circles of light cast all over the walls.
{white egg bowls}
{egg with blue raised dots}

I may not get to live in Kate's beautiful rehabbed Victorian but I will definitely be stopping by her studio to pick up some of her pretty pottery pieces.



{Image via MarthaStewart.com}

Exactly one week from today marks our move to Ann Arbor! We'll be living in a rental home as we renovate a charming English cottage that was originally built in 1905 into the home of our dreams - keeping the charm while adding modern and green efficiencies along the way. Please pardon my absence over the next week or so as I'm in the midst of packing and unpacking. 
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