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A cloth & kind reader (and dear friend) recently reminded me that I had promised to share some photos of our bed once I had my new pillows and Moroccan wedding blanket in place. I'm so excited to share it with you all because our bedroom - and in particular, this bed - is one of the parts of my home that is the most meaningful to me. But because the master bedroom is typically not the most public of spaces, it's rare that anyone other than my family gets to see it. So, welcome to our bedroom!

There's just something about your own bed, isn't there? For me, our bed has become this positively wonderful haven where I cozy up each night with my husband after long, full days with the kids, work and life in general. I adore that feeling of knowing that Alex & Tahlia are peacefully sleeping in their beds and that the fun chaos of the day is over. I usually climb into this cozy retreat, chat with Michael about the day, read my favorite book or magazine (I'm lucky if I get 10 pages in), and then collapse from sheer exhaustion. 
I have to admit that each day before I get into bed, I stop to admire it for just a minute. I've complied the textiles for this bed over the last couple of years and it is finally just how I want it to be. The relatively neutral color palette is anything but boring due to the intricate balance of textures and pattern coming from both old and new textiles. Here's what I've got piled high on our bed:

Duvet cover: Cream Ikat from Williams Somoma Home 
Unfortunately, this duvet is 5 years old and they don't make it anymore but there's a slew of Ikat patterns out there now. It's all the rage, as I'm sure you've noticed!

This pillow is one of a kind, but check out their fabulous selection and you're certain to find something amazing.

The photos don't do this justice. It's so shiny and lovely in person. I adore this pillow!

The way the light reflects off of the mirrors on this pillow in the morning when the sun is streaming into our bedroom makes me so happy!

Two Antique Suzani Pillows: one of a kind from John Robshaw
Flanking the Sheesha pillow are two gorgeous antique Suzani numbers that I found in John's showroom when I was there interviewing him. While it's probably obscene to have this many throw pillows on your bed, I couldn't resist welcoming these two additions.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket: from the lovely Maryam at one of my favorite blogs, MyMarakkesh
Maryam has an ever changing stash of the most stunning Moroccan goods including tons of wedding blankets and Beni Ourain carpets. One of those fabulous rugs is next on my shopping list!

There's nothing better than a set of yummy flannel sheets in the middle of the winter in the frigid Midwest! You want at least 5 oz. when buying flannel sheets, but I think 6 oz makes all the difference. They come as high as 8 oz. but they are a small fortune!

Simple and classic.

I'd LOVE to see your bed! Send me some picts, please.


  1. Oh my, your bed is absolutely gorgeous! Love all the textures and layering... so beautiful.

    Your blog is fantastic! So glad I came across it- I am a textile addict as well (and used to work in the magazine world, too!).

  2. Emily - you are so kind! It's funny sharing your bed with the world, so I'm glad to know someone out there besides my husband and I like it! Where did you used to work in the {crazy} magazine biz?

  3. The bed is fantastic; I would stop and admire too! Thanks for pointing out the wedding blankets, I had not noticed those at My Marrakesh and am headed over right now to check them out.

  4. Storibook Designs - Maryam at My Marrakesh has an excellent collection of wedding blankets (and other lovely goodies) - you won't be disappointed. Thanks for stopping by!


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