I have to admit that it's taking me a while to get into all of the online magazines that have sprung up recently. I really want to love them because, after all, I am both a magazine publishing director (by day) and interior design junkie (by night) but to me something has been missing in many of them. Too many of these titles feel cobbled together and don't grab me the way that I expect my favorite mags to do. Also, you can call me old fashioned but there's just something about curling up in bed with my favorite decorating magazine (and I don't mean on my iPad). 

However, ranting aside, I would like to give a round of applause to Rue for their third issue. I'm officially a huge fan! The issue reads beautifully and I was whole-heartedly engrossed in every artfully designed page. For me, the third time was definitely a charm. 
I won't miss an issue of Rue going forward, but I'm still secretly wishing that they at least give us the option to purchase hard copies (could this be in the works?)

What are your favorite online magazines? Am I the only one who is missing reading hard copies? 

I'm off to bed to re-read the latest issue of Elle Decor. Some things never change!


  1. I haven't had a chance to look at the latest issue of Rue, but I'm looking forward to it - too bad I can't look at it while soaking in the tub (now THAT would be a disaster!!).

  2. @Beki - You will love it. Lots of pretty to take in....Just not in the tub!! ;-)

  3. My face is Lonny and I TOTALLY miss hard copies!


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