Ikat @ Anthro

This mid-century modern Finn Rocker in an ikat motif caught my eye @ Antho. Very cool.



I have to admit that it's taking me a while to get into all of the online magazines that have sprung up recently. I really want to love them because, after all, I am both a magazine publishing director (by day) and interior design junkie (by night) but to me something has been missing in many of them. Too many of these titles feel cobbled together and don't grab me the way that I expect my favorite mags to do. Also, you can call me old fashioned but there's just something about curling up in bed with my favorite decorating magazine (and I don't mean on my iPad). 

However, ranting aside, I would like to give a round of applause to Rue for their third issue. I'm officially a huge fan! The issue reads beautifully and I was whole-heartedly engrossed in every artfully designed page. For me, the third time was definitely a charm. 
I won't miss an issue of Rue going forward, but I'm still secretly wishing that they at least give us the option to purchase hard copies (could this be in the works?)

What are your favorite online magazines? Am I the only one who is missing reading hard copies? 

I'm off to bed to re-read the latest issue of Elle Decor. Some things never change!


L-O-V-E Lush Designs

These pillow cases say it all. I'm in deep L-O-V-E with Lush Designs!
There are no words for these darling tea towels.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Purple Haze

Purple Haze

It's gray and gloomy outside, with almost a purple tinge to the sky...which made me start thinking about my love for this beautiful hue. There's nothing gloomy about these pretty purple textiles. All of a sudden I'm feeling a bit more cheery and hope you are too!
Please click through for specifics on each item and where to buy.


Tree of Life

More to come on this company soon (and several of their lovely patterns have been added to The Textile Files), but just wanted to share this beautiful piece with you before I drift off to sleep on this cozy Saturday night. Good night!



I just received four absolutely charming handmade collages from Denise Fiedler at Paste and am so enchanted.
I got them for my master bedroom where two pieces will go side by side, above each of the bedside tables. Above and below are the exact pieces that I got. I'm infatuated with the lines on these chairs. And, for someone like me who loves a neutral color palette as long as it's interesting and textural, the aging newsprint makes these so interesting. Although they came in very nice, simple black frames, I took them out to get custom framed because I wanted to include a mat to enlarge each piece and make them feel a bit more substantial. I will definitely upload photos of them once they have been hung.
Denise, a book lover, uses vintage printed pages and incorporates them into representational images. She designs that which she connects with and moves her. Thing like...

Animals. How sweet would these be for the kids' room or playroom?

Market Items. I love beets!!! I can just see these hanging in the kitchen.

Even Portraits. This one reminds me of Graydon Carter, Editor in Chief of my favorite magazine, Vanity Fair. It's the hair. I wonder who it really is? If you can't find a face that you'd love to look at on your wall every day from the existing work, why not have your own custom portrait commissioned? How very chic.

There's so much more, you must visit the website and browse.


Fresh for 2011: Daily Reads

The Daily Reads list has been refreshed for 2011 and I'm happy to say it's a much more current representation of what I truly love reading out there in the blogosphere. Which of them do you regularly read? ... and what good ones am I missing? 


Tea Towels & A New Textiles Line

I've met some of the nicest people online through cloth & kind and at the top of the list is my new friend Karen Young, the founder and creative mind behind Hammocks & High Tea. Do you know this lovely company yet? If not, you should get acquainted! 

Before I show you a few of my favorite items from Hammocks & High tea, please allow me to tell you just a few of the reasons why I adore Karen and her company...
1. Karen is one of those people who is just so easy to chat with because she is down to earth, genuine & approachable. We had a fantastic lunch together at The Standard Grill (yum, by the way) and although it was our first meeting, we chatted away like two old friends. Super nice girl, check.
2. Karen taught herself how to silk screen and when she first launched the company she was single handedly designing and producing the stationary, drawer liners and tea towels out of her home in Brooklyn. Super resourceful and creative, check.
3. All of Hammocks & High Tea's items are made with organic fabrics, including hemp, soy, and organic cotton, and their packaging uses recycled or recyclable material. Each product is also printed using water based, solvent free inks. You all know how I love textile companies who are as green as possible, right? Super environmentally friendly, check.
4. And the biggest reason of all, Karen's pieces are simply gorgeous. Beautiful product, check, check, check
Karen graciously gave me a set of these Tea Towels and I was blown away. The print is incredible and they are such a substantive weight, nice and thick. The photos don't do them justice. Oh, and they wash up so nicely - truly heirloom quality. Thank you, Karen!

Hammocks & High Tea's current line consists of heirloom quality home goods including sachets, tea towels, drawer liners, placemats, napkins & pillows...and {drum roll} in 2011 Karen will begin offering fabric by the yard. Hooray! She's teamed up with centuries old mills to produce limited quantities of her beautiful patterns. There will be no minimum yardages required, so start dreaming of where you will use these unique fabrics in your home. I'll be sure to let you know when they are available.

Karen Young, Hammocks & High Tea Founder 

One thing Karen said to me over our lunch was that she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. To me, it's absolutely evident.
p.s. I've added several of Karen's fabrics into my Textile Files collection, along with some other new additions. Take a peek!
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