Nap Time

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All of the running around this time of year, as festive and fun as it is, makes a homebody like me want to hibernate every now and again. It's not sugar plum fairies dancing through my head, but visions of comfy and cozy napping places piled high with plush pillows, blankets and gorgeous linens. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it...
Peter Dunham fabric covered headboard
Actually, there just may be real sugar plum fairies floating about here...How magical?

*All images via the noted designer's websites above, Elle Decor or House Beautiful.

This holiday, I'm wishing each of you lots of friends, family, great food, festivities, presents under the tree... and just enough alone time for you to curl up in your perfect napping spot and enjoy some well deserved time off from all of the chaos!


John Robshaw Chit Chat, Studio Tour & Spring 2011 Sneak Peak

As any true textile addict would be, I have been dying for the opportunity to visit the John Robshaw showroom in NY and to meet John in person. Recently, I had the chance to do just that. I had a lovely time with him and was flattered that John spent so much of his morning with me. We chit chatted about our common love for India, where I lived as a child and where he travels to many times a year for inspiration and product development, and just about textiles in general - our mutual passion. Rather than provide another interview about John's background (there are several excellent ones out there already, both in print and online... I like this one from Apartment Therapy), I'm going to take you on a tour of John's studio, including several sneak peaks from his new Spring 2011 line. It's such an incredibly visually stimulating place, that I know you all will love seeing it.

Like so many of you, I have been deeply inspired by John and his work for several years. However, let me just say that nothing can truly prepare someone like me for entering into his creative space. At that moment, it felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be in the world and it was the most perfect festival for all of my senses. Surrounded by nothing but vibrant, beautiful textiles - both new and very, very old, layer upon layer of varying colors and textures, gorgeous light streaming through the windows, soft Indian music playing in the background, and even the scent in the air eluded to John's exotic travels (it was, after all, Alora's Vetiver, which was inspired by John's trips to Indonesian open-air bazaars. Smoky, earthy and divine). Note: Pictures hardly do this experience justice, but please allow me to show you around...
Step off of the elevator, and you are greeted by this very cool carved wood logo (above) and John's printing cloth paintings (below) which have been applied to the walls like wallpaper.
Once you enter the studio, you are rewarded with a bursts of color everywhere - like on this darling bench, scattered with pillows made with antique fabrics. I felt like such a kid in a candy store - couldn't decide where to start or what to look at first! You can just imagine, right?
Walk down the hallway, adjacent to huge windows letting in the most perfect filtered light, and you will find walls cascading with fabric on your way. Luscious. 
These bright and cheery corals are part of the brand new Spring 2011 line. Mmmmm.
Plus many of the lovely staples that are a part of the existing collection.

Keep on meandering down this hallway, and you'll find lots of little treasures along the way.
Until, ultimately, you reach the main part of the showroom - a large and lovely open space with several bed vignettes and plenty of seating, abundant with plush pillows (but, of course!) This is where John and I sat and chatted.
I fell pretty in love with this grassy green number called Ludoli, also part of the Spring line.
The Gent's Stripe sheets are new this Spring too and come in Moss (shown here) and Indigo, a heavenly hue of sky blue.
The combination of the Periwinkle shams with the Dove Turban coverlet and Indigo Dip throw pillows on this bed is really pretty, without being too feminine. 
More pretty...
As an aside, I had so much fun playing around with my new camera in John's space! I love how this shot below turned out with just the tippy top of a gold plated chair showing in front of two coverlets. So elegant.
The Sheesha pillows atop this bench upholstered in radiant metallic Goa Pearl fabric was unbelievable. I've been eyeing the Sheesha pillows for a few years, and after seeing them in this setting I finally bought one. It was time... this pillow has been on my wish list for way too long. What from John's collection is on your wish list?... or have you already purchased and have a love affair with? 
Antique textiles made into pillows. Be still my heart.

And speaking of antique textiles, there are lots and lots and lots of them here. One more special and beautiful than the next.
You could spend all day going through these fabulous piles of antique fabrics and daydreaming about how you would use them, paired with John's new pieces, to redecorate every room in your house. Uhhh... does it sound like I'm speaking from experience? Because that's pretty much how I spent my most perfect morning here! 
Another cozy sitting area.
Something else I adore from the Spring line are these hand stitched Kantha coverlets. It's so refreshing to see a Kantha that is neutral and calm. Don't get me wrong, I love traditional colorful Kantha's like these, but I just think that the white base is an interesting and modern twist. Note: please excuse the lighting in this shot - it's a bit yellow-tinged, but these coverlets are pure white with subtle colored stitching.
More fun goodies from the Spring line. Irrwadi linen and cotton embroidered pillows.
Really pretty fabric covered picture frames.
Dopp Kits, Duffle Bags and Tote Bags.
...and so much more, like window sheers, shower curtains, robes, and kurtas (which, incidentally, will look darling with skinny jeans and a pair of tall boots this winter, or with flip flops at the beach this summer) all of which you can see here in the Spring 2011 catalog

Happy shopping! 
For all Spring items, you may pre-order now but items won't ship until early February. 

So that concludes my little tour. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved showing it to you.

Next time you are in NY (or if you are lucky enough to live there), be sure to call to make an appointment to stop by their showroom or visit the newly expanded John Robshaw shop within ABC Carpet & Home. It will be worth every minute of your time to experience this in person.

A huge thanks to John...
John and me

...and to the lovely Meredith who coordinated my visit AND helped me narrow down my personal selection of fabrics to take home (I'll show you what I bought in a future post - they are being shipped to me and I haven't yet received all of my goodies). Without her assistance, I just may have left with half of the showroom (no, seriously!)
"This Spring's collection races and jostles into the world like a juggernaut, pulled by me and my gang, full of exciting new prints. Please enjoy the festival." - John Robshaw


Making Green Mod

There are a couple of things that I think are really, really cool when it comes to interior design. The ability to customize to your hearts content & companies that have a true conscious... meaning those who are environmentally responsible not just because it's what societal norms and client demand tell them to do, but because they genuinely believe it's important and they've done their research on how to do it right.

Mod Green Pod fits the bill perfectly. 

Did you know that you can completely personalize one of Mod Green Pod's 17 different patterns - ranging from traditional to funky to, well, mod - with the colors of your choice? Here's a few patterns, all shown in grey scale. Use your imagination ... what colors would you use?

They also have a 24-page catalog that helps you choose the perfect colors for your custom fabric. You can select from more than 3,000 thumbnails that have been printed on Mod Green Pod's signature color cloth, which means you're seeing exactly how your choice of color will look printed on that fabric. Beautiful!

Once you've made your selections, your order will be printed and ship out to you within in 1-2 weeks. Oh, and did I mention the minimum order is only 1 yard? I mean, seriously. How good is that?!

Now, onto the even better part about this company. Mod Green Pod is the real deal when it comes to producing fabrics held to the highest organic standards. They are a proud member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), they follow the fiber standards set forth by the OTA and are working hard to support the slowly-but-surely-organizing Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and all of their fabrics are printed on 100% certified organic cotton grown in the United States. Green has never looked so mod!

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