Peter Dunham Day Dreaming

Mentally redecorating my house, room by room, is one of my favorite pastimes. Today I've been day dreaming about all of the places that I could use Peter Dunham's exotic textiles.
Samarkand for the drapes in my living room. And, by the way, how cool is it as a bedspread?....

Peterazzi & Mattress Ticking on the front/back of the duvet cover for my son Alex's room. He's about to transition from his toddler conversion bed to a full sized bed and he needs some bedding that's not so baby-ish! I also love how Mattress Ticking looks as a wall covering.....

Kashmir Paisley (I'm literally in LOVE the turquoise and bright pink) to reupholster that old rocking chair in my daughter Tahlia's room - just like below, and Janpath would be darling as her bed skirt. 
Can you tell how much I adore paisley from my choices above? Incidentally, did you know that the paisley motif originated in Kashmir in India? It is a fertility symbol based on the new shoot of a date palm. The motif is most well known for its use on Kashmiri shawls. It found its way to England in the 1760s where copies of the original Kashmiri shawls were made in the Scottish weaving center of Paisley. Hence the use of the Anglo-Saxon term paisley. I love knowing the history behind all of these beautiful old patterns and types of textiles - it makes them even more interesting to me.

OK, I have one more Peter Dunham choice...

Arabesque to reupholster that cool, modern parsons bench in my upstairs hallway.

Hmmm....I'm could come up so with many more ideas, but I need to get dinner started. Let me just leave you with a few more images to day dream about from Peter's retail store - Hollywood At Home. Note to self - must visit on next trip to LA!

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  1. I just found this great little Peter Dunham related slideshow on House Beautiful's website... http://www.housebeautiful.com/decorating/ideas/fabrics-dunham-1008?click=img_sr


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