It's All About The Ottoman

Whenever I'm stopped dead in my tracks while flipping through a magazine it usually has to do with something textile related. Not surprising to you all, I know! The October issue of House Beautiful did just that as soon as I got to the piece about a Park Avenue apartment that Daniel Sachs* designed for Nancy Tilghman, a former CNN producer. If you don't have the issue in front of you, click here for some of the highlights. 

In particular, it was all about the ottoman for me. I think it's so incredibly unique with it's octagonal shape and lovely interpretation of a suzani textile. Don't get me wrong... the whole room speaks to me from the artwork on the walls to the eclectic mixture of colors and textures, but it was that ottoman had me swooning and yearning to learn more. So that's just what I did.

What I found out was that Robert Kime is the genius behind this lovely Octagonal Ottoman, which is constructed in a traditional manner from horsehair and cotton felt. It has a beech frame and sits on brass castors (slightly different than the one featured in Nancy's apartment). 

What I also found out is that I'm Robert Kime's newest fan. He needs a Facebook page so that I can Like him! Am I alone here or are you guys digging him too? Although he hardly needs appreciation from a commoner like me, seeing as he is decorator by Royal Appointment to the Prince of Wales! Very swanky, indeed. Let me know what you think. Here's just a few of my faves from his collection...

    Oxus - Derived from a Zoroastrian Uzbek needlework found in the markets of Bokhara. 

    Tashkent - A sophisticated interpretation of a central Asian needlework printed on noile silk.

    Pali - A variant of a very ancient needlework design, the pattern of which is found in many forms throughout the Middle East.

    Indian Pear White - Inspired by a woven Kashmiri shawl, a bold paisley medallion which lends itself to both traditional and contemporary environments.

    And please don't even get me started on his collection to-die-for ikats. How amazing is the Peacock fabric?!




    *As an aside - does anyone know where I can find a website for Daniel Sachs? I want to learn more about him but my Google search turned up unsuccessful. Something that rarely happens. Please let me know if you have more information about where to find him online. Thanks!

    I'm off to do some more ottoman shopping online since I'm so inspired. Good night and Happy Halloween.

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    1. I really like the Indian Pear White print! I picture it as a design on a few very soft pillows on top of an all white couch. It would be gorgeous to look at, but I'd be pretty scared to sit on a white couch, I don't know about you. ha! I haven't seen a paisley print like this one before, and I really like it!


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