Clothbound Classics

I've seen these stunningly beautiful clothbound classic books several times over the last few years, most recently in Anthropologie, and it finally dawned on me that I must know who designed these lovely pieces of art (answer: Coralie Bickford-Smith). 

If you're interested in learning more about Coralie and her ingenious design process, there are a couple of interesting interviews with her on the Penguin Blog and on Design*Sponge. I, for one, was quite happy to learn that she's working on a fabric line! If her book designs are any indication of what we can expect, we're in for something truly glamorous.

Her brand new F. Scott Fitzgerald series designs (due out Nov. 4) are stunning as well....I literally want to line my book shelves with ALL of her designs!

Most of the titles that Coralie has designed can be purchased on Amazon

So, my kids are tucked away in bed on this cold, rainy Sunday night and I'm off to make myself a cup of tea and then cuddle up with a good book. Just wishing I had something this well designed in my library to pick up. 


  1. My sister-in-law purchased the Alice in Wonderland edition after the birth of my daughter, Alice. I'm glad to know it's part of a set of editions that would look lovely together.

  2. What an adorable and thoughtful gift from your sister-in-law, Meredith... and I love your daughter's name!


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