Bay Harbor, Perfectly Done by Soucie Horner

Since we're enjoying the most beautiful weather today, I'm reminded of our recent family vacation to Bay Harbor in northern Michigan. We went at the end of August and it felt like we caught the most ideal, tail end of summer. We had perfectly warm days to play at the beach and cool evenings to roast marshmallows and lay around in the hammock. We loved it so much that we plan on returning to the area for an annual trip. I can't wait to explore neighboring Petoskey and Charlevoix next summer. Have you been? If so, please share suggestions. I'm especially eager to do some antiquing up there.

Shortly after we got home, I was in touch with my favorite Chicago interior design firm, Soucie Horner, and learned that - ironically - they had recently completed a project in Bay Harbor! I'm so excited to show it to you. 

Isn't this bedroom just stunning? Pillows Textures by Lynda O’Connor, Chicago, IL. Wallpaper Baltic Fleurette 4107W-02 by Rose Tarlow.

I especially like the use of antiques throughout. Living Room: Antique American flag. Pillows Textures by Lynda O’Connor, Chicago, IL. Rocking Chairs, Pooter Olooms Antiques, Harbor Springs Michigan.

I really want this pine cone mirror!!!! Powder Room: Hand towels were found antique textiles that were then hand sewn onto to new towels. Wallpaper Horizons – Blue Skies 6015-02 by Jack Larsen, Rexford Mirror hand made of pine cones Downtown Classics Collection, Los Angeles, CA.

And a few more photos of this amazing home for you to drool over....

If you can take your eye off of the views, look at the incredible textiles on the sofas and the throw pillows. I could curl up with a good book and be perfectly content for an entire afternoon in that room. 

The curve of this small sitting area is graceful and I love all of the antique pieces in the bookshelf - mostly from Thailand, I'm told.

Gorgeous! Just like Bay Harbor.


  1. I Love the tactile quality of that mirror-very cool.

  2. I know, right? I was tempted to start gathering my own pine cones so I could make my own, but something tells me the finished product would look nothing like this. Haa!


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