I had never read Veranda before, but back in April of this year when I heard that Dara Caponigro had just been appointed Editor in Chief, I was intrigued. Dara was a founding editor of Domino (yes, I STILL miss it!...how about you?), where she was style director for 5 years and before that she spent 12 years at House Beautiful (also a fave). As if I needed more reason to become a reader, one of my dearest friends - Jennifer Levene Bruno - was recently appointed Publisher. I'm so proud of her!! Needless to say, I didn't need much more incentive to send in my subscription card and I was so excited when my first issue arrived. And it's good, guys! I look forward to seeing what the amazing team of Dara & Jennifer do with this title in the coming months & years.

Here's some pretty and inspiring design images from Veranda.com. As usual, the majority of my choices are motivated by the lovely textiles! Enjoy! 


  1. Hi Krista ... I too miss Domino (sniff sniff cry) .. I still have my stack of their mags :) Also like Veranda ... recently introduced to them as well. I look fwd to following ur posts.

  2. Ada - hi! Isn't it funny how many loyal Domino readers there are out there? Conde Nast recently brought back Gourmet magazine (which shortly after Domino) in an online-only format. I have my fingers crossed that they do the same with Domino! In the meantime, some of the images from Domino are available on the Bride's website (also a Conde Nast magazine)... although it's not the same. Thanks for posting! Krista


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