Dreaming of Lonny Tonight

By now you are all well aware of my obsession with Lonny from my previous post - and dating back to my love affair with Domino, where the two founders of Lonny (Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline) hail from. So, it will come as no surprise to you that I'm beyond excited for their new web site to launch tomorrow. I'm told it will entail a chic new redesign and lots of fun new features, including a blog. Hooray! And that's not it...Katie Armour, the author of the neo-traditionalist, one of my favorite design blogs, also announced the following Lonny news today:

"You heard it here first ladies and gents—our favorite online shelter mag, Lonny, is available in print!  While in New York last month I had the opportunity to meet with Editor-In-Chief Michelle Adams (the girl is seriously too cute for words…) and see the hard copy.  It is BEAUTIFUL!  Each edition will run between $30 – $40, but at around 200 pages each they look closer to a keepsake design book than your average glossy.  Lucky for us, the current issue will be available to order on Wednesday and the archives will be made available in the next few weeks.  While they will continue to look for cheaper alternatives (and the online edition will continue to be free of course!), I can’t resist splurging on a print collection of my own!

But wait, that’s not it!  Also on Wednesday they’ll be unveiling a more sophisticated and user-friendly design to the website.  Some of the new features include a Lonny blog (daily doses? I die!), more of the darling Lonny Loves profiles (my favorite feature!), and a search function within the magazine (to aid your hunt for the perfect “armoire”).  They’re also making it easier for us to share things we love via email, Facebook and Twitter.  I must apologize in advance to all my girlfriends—I have a feeling they’ll be receiving A LOT of Lonny links in the near future ; )

So tell me, are you as excited as I am??  Feel free to spread the good news!"

Yes, yes, I am! As a Conde Nast girl who always has and always will be infatuated with beautifully designed magazines (almost as much as I love textiles & interior design), all of this makes me so very happy. I will be dreaming of Lonny tonight, for sure. Sweet dreams, everyone!

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