I had never read Veranda before, but back in April of this year when I heard that Dara Caponigro had just been appointed Editor in Chief, I was intrigued. Dara was a founding editor of Domino (yes, I STILL miss it!...how about you?), where she was style director for 5 years and before that she spent 12 years at House Beautiful (also a fave). As if I needed more reason to become a reader, one of my dearest friends - Jennifer Levene Bruno - was recently appointed Publisher. I'm so proud of her!! Needless to say, I didn't need much more incentive to send in my subscription card and I was so excited when my first issue arrived. And it's good, guys! I look forward to seeing what the amazing team of Dara & Jennifer do with this title in the coming months & years.

Here's some pretty and inspiring design images from Veranda.com. As usual, the majority of my choices are motivated by the lovely textiles! Enjoy! 


The Heart Of The Home

As I was cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast this morning, I looked down and admired my favorite dishtowel. Yes, weird, I know.... It's just that I was reminded that sometimes it's the smallest things in life, those that perform the most mundane functions, that are often overlooked. The kitchen is the perfect example of this, but I refuse to believe that things can't be both functional and beautiful. So today I'm sharing just a few of my most favorite items in my kitchen - those that work the hardest, but are also just nice to look at.
The Tapestry Dishtowels from Anthro. How do I love thee? I've bought this exact set of three dishtowels 2 times over the last 3 years. They are just really pretty to look at hanging over my deep, stainless steel farmhouse sink.

Twist is my fave new hard working kitchen tool. All of their products are plant based, and, as they say on their website "they clean dishes, respect the planet, and look good doing it." Nice! The Sponge Blossoms are so cool. Take one, add water and it poofs up to full sponge size. Plus, they are just so modern and clean looking.

Mrs. Meyer's rocks.  All of her (yes, she's a real lady) products are made environmentally friendly by using essential oils from flowers and herbs rather than chemicals. The Basil scent is subtle and clean smelling. Yum! Oh, and the way that clean lines of the well-designed turquoise and red label coordinate with the above-mentioned handtowels in my kitchen is really just adorable.

Here's a couple shots of my newly renovated kitchen, including the hardest working thing in the room - my beloved antique rug. This is where my kids hang out and play while my husband and I are making dinner and where my two dogs get their evening belly rubs after the kids are in bed. It keeps my feet warm on these early fall mornings and it just softens the whole space up in general, don't you think? It's so true that the kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why this amazing textile holds such a place of honor in my home.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


The Incredible Tamar Mogendorff

"Using thousand and thousand of fabrics and threads to create her ideas in her Brooklyn workshop, Tamar Mogendorff's world is populated with swans, bears and mushrooms carefully made by her fairy fingers. The originality of her creations is in the choice and assembly of the fabrics from gaudy to the precious, the subtle or solid." From Milk Book (Hors-serie Deco I October 2008) 


Dreaming of Lonny Tonight

By now you are all well aware of my obsession with Lonny from my previous post - and dating back to my love affair with Domino, where the two founders of Lonny (Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline) hail from. So, it will come as no surprise to you that I'm beyond excited for their new web site to launch tomorrow. I'm told it will entail a chic new redesign and lots of fun new features, including a blog. Hooray! And that's not it...Katie Armour, the author of the neo-traditionalist, one of my favorite design blogs, also announced the following Lonny news today:

"You heard it here first ladies and gents—our favorite online shelter mag, Lonny, is available in print!  While in New York last month I had the opportunity to meet with Editor-In-Chief Michelle Adams (the girl is seriously too cute for words…) and see the hard copy.  It is BEAUTIFUL!  Each edition will run between $30 – $40, but at around 200 pages each they look closer to a keepsake design book than your average glossy.  Lucky for us, the current issue will be available to order on Wednesday and the archives will be made available in the next few weeks.  While they will continue to look for cheaper alternatives (and the online edition will continue to be free of course!), I can’t resist splurging on a print collection of my own!

But wait, that’s not it!  Also on Wednesday they’ll be unveiling a more sophisticated and user-friendly design to the website.  Some of the new features include a Lonny blog (daily doses? I die!), more of the darling Lonny Loves profiles (my favorite feature!), and a search function within the magazine (to aid your hunt for the perfect “armoire”).  They’re also making it easier for us to share things we love via email, Facebook and Twitter.  I must apologize in advance to all my girlfriends—I have a feeling they’ll be receiving A LOT of Lonny links in the near future ; )

So tell me, are you as excited as I am??  Feel free to spread the good news!"

Yes, yes, I am! As a Conde Nast girl who always has and always will be infatuated with beautifully designed magazines (almost as much as I love textiles & interior design), all of this makes me so very happy. I will be dreaming of Lonny tonight, for sure. Sweet dreams, everyone!


White, White, White

Yes, I know it's after Labor Day, but I'm not referring to fashion. Shades of white, cream, grey, natural linen, a hint of silver or gold - these neutrals are what I tend to come back to over and over again in my personal decorating preferences. There's something about the simplicity of a neutral color palette that makes me so, so happy....Which is why I was beyond thrilled with how the latest addition to my home turned out.

This adorable little stool was left with our beautiful 1936 Tudor style home when we purchased it. It was sad and dark looking with a deep red, very traditional fabric on it, but I saw its hidden potential. I gave the stool and the powder room vanity a fresh coat of white paint and - with the help of my talented friends Margaret Penn Rodriguez, Jenifer Davis Tucker & Debbie Jenks Bogart at Twist - the stool got a subtle silver rub and a gorgeous reupholster job in Quadrille's Veneto fabric. I completed the powder room make over with new hardware on the vanity - the Cocktail Ring Knob - from Anthropologie, a new Kensington Mirror & the Sussex Double Tube Scones from Pottery Barn. Now, it's the perfect little entry to the main floor bathroom.

The intricate detail on the legs reminds me of the work of one of my all time favorite furniture companies - Oly Studio. Doesn't it? Check out their Hanna Chair & Ottoman below (which, incidentally, I want desperately for my master bedroom).

Lastly, since I'm on such a neutrals roll, I'd be remiss if I did not mention this incredible fabric from Donghia. It's called Angelina and I personally think the combination of the wonderful neutral colorway with the nubby texture of the embroidered paisley is heavenly. I don't have this anywhere in my home yet, but I will someday soon. Considering I've been admiring this fabric for at least 5 years, I think it's about time I find a place for it. Any suggestions? Perhaps I should find another stool to recover.


Madeline Weinrib

You can tell a lot by a logo. I remember the first time I came across Madeline Weinrib, years ago, and what first struck me was her well designed logo.

It didn't take long for me to realize that it wasn't just her logo that was well designed. Virtually everything that comes out of this atelier is unbelievable. It must be in the blood, because Madeline is the granddaughter of ABC Carpet & Home founder, Max Weinrib. She carries on the family tradition with her innovative collection of arisanally-crafted carpets and textiles.

Her textiles are gorgeous and accurate reproductions of some of the most beautiful motifs in the world, I think. And her rugs - oh my god! But, I love that she also has a section on her site dedicated to the real deal - antique & vintage textiles. She's a girl after my heart. What I wouldn't give to go be her apprentice. I would literally be willing to get her coffee and make her photocopies just for a chance to get inside her brain.

Here's a few of my fave antique suzani pillows from Madeline Weinrib...

And if it weren't already obvious that my day job is in advertising/marketing by my adoration of her logo, it will now become clear as day... I can't go without also saying that she has some of the best advertising in the industry. Perhaps it's just because her products speak to me, but I'm literally stopped in my tracks whenever I stumble upon one of her ads in Elle Decor or the likes. Don't you agree?



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