Hand Printed Kantha

Hello, again! I apologize for being MIA these last few weeks - I've just started a new job and have been busy getting back in the swing of things. As many of you know, in the ongoing juggling act of life, "creative self" tends to fall last in line after mom, wife, career, etc.  I can never go too long, however, before my thoughts turn back to cloth & kind and I must re-engage the right side of my brain. Thankfully, on this quiet Sunday morning, I have a house full of sleeping family members which gives me a little time to indulge. 

So, lately, I've been starting to think about fall. Is that weird? It is August 1, after all. I love when the seasons change and I get to start preparing our home for cold weather. Making it cozy always entails lots of yummy pillows and throws for lounging on the couch. I've recently found these amazing cotton hand-printed kantha throws from India and am thinking of adding them to cloth & kind's stash of goodies for when I eventually launch the website. What are your thoughts?

Citrus Colorway

Rose Colorway

Azul Colorway

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