Hanger Heaven

Darling. Need I say more?... If you are as enchanted as I was when I first saw them, visit lilafrances' Etsy page to have your kids' customized hangers made. Alex & Tahlia's just arrived and I have them hanging on the outside of each of their closet doors. So good.


I Heart Lonnymag.com

Lonny seems to make me (almost, alllllmmooooossst) as happy as Domino used to. Here's a few great images from their oh-so-creative team. And PLEASE, if you love Lonny too - contribute! There is no subscription required, but it's expensive to create such beautiful and inspiring editorial and if we don't want them to go the way of Domino, we should all throw them a few bucks. There, I've said my piece. Now, go enjoy their new June/July issue.


Antique Photographs

One other thing (aside from an abundance of beautiful textiles) that I think every great interior needs is really interesting and unique artwork. An eclectic mix of various media is especially interesting to me but virtually every room in my home has some type of cool photography somewhere in it. For this reason, I'm thrilled that when my website eventually launches it will be featuring a limited collection of reprints of antique photographs from South Asia made possible through a partnership with The University of Chicago's incredible Digital South Asia Library. I have not quite finalized the details of the partnership yet, but a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these limited edition prints will be going back to the continued study and preservation of important historical images like these. Here's just a sample of what I'll be featuring...


I Want This Life...

Textile company Katherine Rally is my latest infatuation. I was instantly enamored with their fabrics and simultaneously jealous of the life this family is leading living in Bali with their two small kids and creating such beautiful textiles. I rarely wish to lead anyone else's life but my own, but this one seems pretty damn good! Read more about them here, and be sure to check out their gorgeous pillowstextiles & accessories.

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