Denyse Schmidt at Ralph Pucci TONIGHT

Today is yet another one of those days I'm wishing I lived in NYC. I'd be headed to Ralph Pucci tonight to see Denyse Schmidt's new quilts that are on display there as part of ICFF/Design Week. Denyse has played a large part in inspiring me to attempt quilt making over the last few years and although I sew infrequently these days (two kids don't readily allow for these types of indulgences), I'm always inspired by her work.

Hope as the Anchor of the Soul: Mount Lebanon Series Quilts #1-5 Denyse's new designs, created for an exhibition at Ralph Pucci International, reference 19th century whole-cloth quilts and cold-weather petticoats in which closely placed stitching served a purpose in holding together the top and bottom fabric, and the loose fill sandwiched in between. In these new quilts, Denyse explores a modern interpretation of traditional close stitching, in delicate, wobbly striations that recall enlarged fingerprints or wood-grain.

Here's what Wendy Goodman of New York Magazine has to say about the quilts: "She is giving the grandmotherly art of quilts a whole new spin with her subtle, spare aesthetic. As wall art or furniture dressing, I think they are sublime." 
On View at Ralph Pucci International44 West 18th Street, NYC, Gallery Nine (9th Floor). 212-633-0452.Reception Monday May 17, 6:30 – 8:30pm. 

Please let me know how it was if you are able to make it.

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