Christine's Kind of Cloth

So I'm starting a new little thing... I'm asking people whose style I love to tell me what their kind of cloth is. It can be anything in their home that speaks to them and that they just adore. The only requirement is that it is a textile of some sort. 

For the first installment, my dear friend Christine has sent me a few of her favorites. Allow me to introduce you - Christine is one of the kindest, most creative souls I've ever met. She has an eye for beautiful things and makes use of ordinary objects in unusual and inspirational ways throughout her home. And, she is from Canada so she has the darling accent to go with her beautiful personality. I am inspired by her every time we meet. 

"Fat Quarter by Repeat in Toronto.  I love the fact that it is printed on linen by hand.  I like the delicate spiky little pods.  I think the grey on the natural linen is just beautiful and although I can think of a zillion things that I want to make it into I have yet to settle on just one."

"A Lotta Jansdotter fabric that I made into a tote bag.  I love the colour combination of blue and brown.  I like the spiky big round brown flowers (?).  I love that I ordered the fabric off the internet (first time ever) and it was so much more beautiful than I thought it would be.  Finally the fabric is linen and I can't seem to get enough of it's crunchy goodness."

"Clearly, because this image is that same fabric in chartreuse which I love, too, because the colour is a darker muddier acid sort of chartreuse."

"Rounding out the Lotta submissions is this image which was a textile calendar 2008(?).  I first saw it hanging on (our mutual friend) Rasheena's wall in a different colour combo.  I love the blue, and there are plenty of spiky pod thing (I sense a theme here) it is also made of linen and the pattern feels quite organic and random."

"This image is of a piece of fabric that is my kind of colourful. I love the soft green/blue background colour and the bright pops of pink and the mustardy bits.  Then there is the pattern which is also kind of round, random and spiky.  It is another that I love so much I am having trouble deciding exactly what is worthy of cutting it for.  (Our mutual friend) Tatum bought this for me in L.A. and I think it's amazing that I love this fabric so much and I didn't even pick it out."

"Finally, the last textile is a vintage linen tea towel.  It still has it's gummed price ticket on it for 39 cents!  The linen has never been washed (it's perfect) so it still has that lovely shine to it.  I love the colour combination because I think the pink is so unexpected with the natural linen; normally tea towels are navy or red."

Thank you, Christine!

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