100 Year Old Suzani

The worst part about purchasing incredible textiles like this antique suzani (circa 1900) from Tashkent in Uzbekistan is waiting the 3-4 weeks for it to arrive. I get so impatient! How stunning is my most recent purchase?!...

This piece is incredible and it was a true "find" because it's relatively difficult to obtain such a large antique piece with such gorgeous, vibrant colors that is in good condition like this one. This particular suzani is hand embroidered with homemade silk on homemade cotton fabric - can you imagine the time and love that went into creating this? I'm also really happy about the relationship I've established with a reputable textile dealer in Uzbekistan which will allow me easier access to antique suzanis like this one. Once my website launches, this will be available for purchase.

If you're not familiar with suzanis and are interested, you can read more about them here. The story behind them is just as beautiful as the textiles themselves are, I think. Enjoy!


A Pleasant Surprise in Neiman Marcus

As I was browsing Neiman Marcus' Plaza Frontenac location in St. Louis last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to find some stunning textiles adorning their walls. Upon further investigation, I learned that Neiman's has it's own corporate art collection and each store has anywhere from 80-100 original pieces in it. Among the famous artists in the collection are Pablo Picasso, Alexander Liberman, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein.

These were a few of my favorites... and please note that the camera on my Blackberry does not do these textiles justice. They were much, much better in person. Enjoy!

Above: Indian. Territory of Ruler. Pichwai. The Neiman Marcus Collection. 

This piece reminds me of the year that my family lived in India. Gorgeous textiles like this were everywhere there and I remember being fascinated by the level of detail that went into these paintings - even as a child. This painting is huge - it must be at least 10' x 5' - and had quite a presence in person.

Above: Cuna Indians. Untitled (Alligators). Mola Textile. The Neiman Marcus Collection.

Above: Cuna Indians. Untitled (Flowers). Mola Textile. The Neiman Marcus Collection.

I loved the series of these two Mola textiles - hanging side by side. They are so bright and cheerful. I kept thinking to myself that they would be fabulous in a little girls' bedroom.


Amy Butler's New Organic Bedding

Amy Butler has just launched her second bedding collection - 100% Organic for Welspun. I'm trying to find another bedroom in my house that I can redecorate just as an excuse to buy this bedding! Each of the designs are beautiful, but I am particularly partial to the Bucharest & Constanta grouping. Inspired by flourishes and motifs in Romanian embroidery, and formal gardens that inspire them—Bucharest is modern, fresh, and bold. Charcoal grey and ivory give it a warm, sophisticated feel that is at home in any decor. Bucharest is the duvet collection and Constanta is the comforter collection.

With 400 thread count sheets, tons of elegant embroidery and printed with low-impact dyes (that hold their color), they say that these beds really are as soft and cozy as they appear. 


Denyse Schmidt at Ralph Pucci TONIGHT

Today is yet another one of those days I'm wishing I lived in NYC. I'd be headed to Ralph Pucci tonight to see Denyse Schmidt's new quilts that are on display there as part of ICFF/Design Week. Denyse has played a large part in inspiring me to attempt quilt making over the last few years and although I sew infrequently these days (two kids don't readily allow for these types of indulgences), I'm always inspired by her work.

Hope as the Anchor of the Soul: Mount Lebanon Series Quilts #1-5 Denyse's new designs, created for an exhibition at Ralph Pucci International, reference 19th century whole-cloth quilts and cold-weather petticoats in which closely placed stitching served a purpose in holding together the top and bottom fabric, and the loose fill sandwiched in between. In these new quilts, Denyse explores a modern interpretation of traditional close stitching, in delicate, wobbly striations that recall enlarged fingerprints or wood-grain.

Here's what Wendy Goodman of New York Magazine has to say about the quilts: "She is giving the grandmotherly art of quilts a whole new spin with her subtle, spare aesthetic. As wall art or furniture dressing, I think they are sublime." 
On View at Ralph Pucci International44 West 18th Street, NYC, Gallery Nine (9th Floor). 212-633-0452.Reception Monday May 17, 6:30 – 8:30pm. 

Please let me know how it was if you are able to make it.


Andrew Morgan Collection

While I was off spa'ing for the weekend (a rare, but very necessary treat for myself), I became slightly obsessed with the bolster pillows on the beds at Miraval. They are part of the fabulous Andrew Morgan Collection. Unfortunately, I didn't snap a photo of the pillow and it is no longer on his website however, there are a TON of other amazing textiles to drool over like...

I was pleasantly surprised, while browsing online, to come across this pillow (below) which I had purchased 2 of from Jayson Home & Garden about a year or so ago. I absolutely love these pillows - they are sumptuous and so soft. Perfect big, cozy pillows to cuddle up with on the couch - which I do often. I had no idea when I bought them that they were Andrew Morgan, but now I'm officially a huge fan. 

Most of the collection is available only to the trade, but click here to be linked to the trunk sale where you can buy direct for a major discount.


A Much Needed Vacation

I'm off to my much needed vacation with my dear sister, Elise. I'm sure my husband is going to love all of this alone time with the kids (can you sense the sarcasm?!) I, on the other hand, look forward to coming home relaxed & refreshed at the end of a lovely weekend at the spa. Talk to you all next week.


Le Chapeau

Elizabeth Ocean's Le Chapeau prints on Etsy are so funny, and so, so beautiful. I recently ordered these two but there are many more to choose from and at $10-$20 per print, you could order several!

Le Chapeau de la Poule et les Oeufs (the Chicken and the Eggs Hat). Inspired by Marie Antoinette's 18th century ship-shaped chapeau, this fanciful feathered hat captures the beauty of the barnyard.

Le Chapeau de Gateau de Tasse (the Cup Cake Hat). Perfect for the most fashion-conscious or sweet-toothed Duchess wishing to impress at court this season.

Aren't they adorable?


Christine's Kind of Cloth

So I'm starting a new little thing... I'm asking people whose style I love to tell me what their kind of cloth is. It can be anything in their home that speaks to them and that they just adore. The only requirement is that it is a textile of some sort. 

For the first installment, my dear friend Christine has sent me a few of her favorites. Allow me to introduce you - Christine is one of the kindest, most creative souls I've ever met. She has an eye for beautiful things and makes use of ordinary objects in unusual and inspirational ways throughout her home. And, she is from Canada so she has the darling accent to go with her beautiful personality. I am inspired by her every time we meet. 

"Fat Quarter by Repeat in Toronto.  I love the fact that it is printed on linen by hand.  I like the delicate spiky little pods.  I think the grey on the natural linen is just beautiful and although I can think of a zillion things that I want to make it into I have yet to settle on just one."

"A Lotta Jansdotter fabric that I made into a tote bag.  I love the colour combination of blue and brown.  I like the spiky big round brown flowers (?).  I love that I ordered the fabric off the internet (first time ever) and it was so much more beautiful than I thought it would be.  Finally the fabric is linen and I can't seem to get enough of it's crunchy goodness."

"Clearly, because this image is that same fabric in chartreuse which I love, too, because the colour is a darker muddier acid sort of chartreuse."

"Rounding out the Lotta submissions is this image which was a textile calendar 2008(?).  I first saw it hanging on (our mutual friend) Rasheena's wall in a different colour combo.  I love the blue, and there are plenty of spiky pod thing (I sense a theme here) it is also made of linen and the pattern feels quite organic and random."

"This image is of a piece of fabric that is my kind of colourful. I love the soft green/blue background colour and the bright pops of pink and the mustardy bits.  Then there is the pattern which is also kind of round, random and spiky.  It is another that I love so much I am having trouble deciding exactly what is worthy of cutting it for.  (Our mutual friend) Tatum bought this for me in L.A. and I think it's amazing that I love this fabric so much and I didn't even pick it out."

"Finally, the last textile is a vintage linen tea towel.  It still has it's gummed price ticket on it for 39 cents!  The linen has never been washed (it's perfect) so it still has that lovely shine to it.  I love the colour combination because I think the pink is so unexpected with the natural linen; normally tea towels are navy or red."

Thank you, Christine!


Style Files & Le Souk

On a recent meandering through the blogosphere, I discovered (at the recommendation of an oh-so-savvy neighbor - thank you,  Christi!) the blog called Style Files. Fabulous! Style Files led me to Le Souk, which is the adorable little online store of Style Files' founder Danielle de Lange. Both the blog and the site are worth visiting. Here's some of the treasures you'll find at Le Souk. 

The provence tablecloth & the hamam towels.

Another reason to love Danielle and Le Souk....they support women in war-torn countries. Le Souk donates at least 5% of its profits to Women for Women. This nongovernmental organization helps women in war-torn regions rebuild their lives by providing them with job skills training, rights education, access to capital, assistance in small business development and financial and emotional support. 

This crocheted raffia stool is so unique. Despite the rustic legs and the old school art of crochet, it somehow is ultra modern.


The dishtowels are by Simrin, a textile label from Brooklyn. The collection uses a combination of hand screen printing and metallic inks, making each one unique.

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